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TODAY'S KALAM Tourist Attractions in Amritsar

Tourist Attractions in Amritsar

One of the most ancient cities in India Amritsar has several religious sites and fascinating tourist spots. The simplicity of the city attracts tourists. The name Amritsar is dedicated to the pure water that surrounds the Temple and it means “Holy Pool of Nectar”. The major tourist attractions of Amritsar are discussed below: 

Golden TempleGolden Temple:

The original name of Golden Temple is Harmandir Sahib and the its construction was started by the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das and completed by the fifth Guru, Arjan Dev.The Islamic style of architecture makes the interior of the temple beautiful. Baishakhi is celebrated in a grand way at the Amritsar Temple during the second week of April. You must not enter the temple premises with your shoes; there is pool where one needs to wash their feet before entering the temple. One of the most important rule here is to cover your head entering the temple premises. Sunrise and sunset at the Golden Temple is a beautiful view. This temple is a pilgrimage center for Sikhs but people from different religions also visit this place.
Jalianwala Bagh:
Famous for the massacre by General Dyer during British rule, Jalianwala Bagh today is visited by several tourists in Punjab. Located near the Golden Temple, it saw series of bullet shots and blood shed on the day of Baishakhi on 13 April, 1919 when under the supervision of General Dyer, hundreds of unarmed Indian men, women and children were shot without warning. Today Jalianwala Bagh has become a tourist center but you can still see the marks of bullet on the wall.
Durgiana Mandir:
Durgiana Mandir is a pilgrimage center for many Indians. Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya laid the foundation of this stone temple in 1924 on Ganga Dashmi day. This temple is a place of worship of Durga, Laxmi and Narayan. 

Baba Atal Rai Tower:
It is believed that Guru Hargovind breathed his last here and this has contributed to its importance. This building is nine storied and the high class architectural work makes it very beautiful. It is definitely a pilgrimage spot but tourists visit the tower for a casual hangout as well. 

Wagah Border:
The retreat ceremony during sunset is the main reason for tourists to visit the Wagah Border. Bordering India and Pakistan, armed soldiers in a parade lower the flag and close the gate. The event takes place in the evening and you can see people from both the country shouting to boost up the energy and to cheer their nation. 

Weekend Trips/Excursions:

Tarn Taran: 
The fifth Sikh Guru Shri Guru Arjan Dev founded Tarn Taran. It is said that the sacred tank has a magical power of healing and so, it is visited by many tourists every year. The other places to visit in Amritsar during weekends are:
  • Gobindwal Sahib
  • Amanat Khan Serai
  • Baba Bakala
  • Dharamshala

Events and Festivals
The two main festivals of Amritsar are Baishakhi and Guru Nanak Jayanti. These two are celebrated in a grand way. Guru Nanak Jayanti is celebrated during November and Baisakhi marks the beginning of a new year.

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