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TODAY'S KALAM Travel to Mauritius

Travel to Mauritius

Mauritius is a fascinating island situated near the coast of South East Africa. The small island is a republic and has been under the occupation of various European powers before attaining independence in 1968. The republic of Mauritius also includes the islands of St. Brandon, Rodrigues and the Agalega .The island is one of the most sought after tourism destinations of the region, and Tourism in Mauritius has grown significantly over the past few decades, supporting a large proportion of the population. Touristplacesinindia offers online information about Mauritius including facts, tourist information and its tourist attractions. 

Mauritius is located off the coast of South East Africa, about 900 kilometers from Madagascar. 

Fast Facts

Area:2,040 km (787square miles)
Religion:Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism
Languages:English, French, Creole, and many Oriental languages
Capital:Port Louis
Currency:Mauritian Rupee
History of Mauritius:
The island was visited by the first Europeans in 1507, when the Portuguese arrived here. The Dutch were the first to settle here, though, establishing a settlement in 1638. The island went under the French Government in 1715, and was renamed as Isle de France. As part of the ongoing clashes between the British and the French, the two countries fought over Mauritius too. Finally in 1810, the French surrendered the island to the British who changed the name back to Mauritius. The island became independent of British rule in 1968 and republic day was proclaimed on 12th of March, 1992. It also became a member of the commonwealth the same year.
Mauritius enjoys a warm, tropical climate. The summers are humid, with temperatures going up to 34 degrees. Summer lasts between November and May. Light cotton clothing is advised during summer. The winter months (June to September) are usually dry and are a pleasant time to visit the island. There is a notable difference between the climates of the various zones of the islands. The west and the north are warmer and drier than the South and the East.

Tourist attractions in Mauritius:
The clear blue ocean, the romantic beaches, and haunting ruins, make up most of the tourism in Mauritius. The wildlife and marine life are also among the major attractions of the Mauritius tours. Beautiful scenes start greeting visitors right from the time they set their feet here. The major tourist attractions in Mauritius include the Balaclava Ruins, Triolet Shivala, Labourdonnais Orchards, The Waterpark Leisure Village, Flacq Market, Martello Towers, Casela Wildlife Park, and Yemen Reserve. The most popular beaches of Mauritius include Grand bay, Belle Mare, Blue Bay, Pereybere, Le Morne and Tamarin. 

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