Saturday, 10 March 2018

voice of a responsible citizen by madhava reddy

Voice of a responsible citizen…..
One Idea, One realization, One decision, One vote to a better leader, transforms to a better society, that’s the power of being One.
Today, India has everything in abundance, have better brains, better technology, better resources, rich culture, better gurus but what we don’t have is Better Leaders to lead the nation.
Our current political system is like this…”If our computer operating system is corrupted, do we repair applications running on the operating system or the operating system? if we know what to fix then are we giving to the correct engineer to fix?” In today’s scenario, operating system is Political system and to choose the right engineer is user decision, i.e., WE.
Just for a moment, think about of these,
Is our hard earned money paid in the form taxes is been rightly used?
Is our agricultural land for yielding crop(food) is protected for future?
Is our health and educational cost affordable?
Is our natural resources are properly used?
Is rich getting impacted of all these things? If not, who?
Is that every time situation goes worse, are we expecting people like Anna Hazare to go on fast?
For all these things, we can’t blame our political leaders or political system, it is “we” who need to be blamed for not electing the right leaders…
For all these things, we have very simple and most powerful solution …..
i.e., Vote.
VOTE to get food for now and for future…
VOTE to see a healthy society…
VOTE to protect our children’s future….
VOTE to protect misuse of our money paid in the form of tax…
VOTE to get better medical amenities for all…

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