Sunday, 17 June 2018

Power of Education

Is it you’re or your ?
              Education is the golden key to unlock the cage and fly in the open sky full of opportunities and freedom. According to Oxford Dictionary, education is the process of receiving and giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. Is the meaning of education confined to this one line definition? Education is not only about obeying instructions, it is also about acquiring knowledge and skills. It transforms the way one uses one’s mind. It changes the perspective of looking at things.

             Education has always been one of the most hotly discussed topics. It has managed to grab the utmost attention. Its importance has never been questioned in urban areas. Surprisingly, it is still a dream of many in rural areas. Many schools have been set up in rural areas but they are of no value till the time people realise the importance of being educated.

            It was rightly quoted by Albert Einstein that ‘Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school’. There is no limit to what one can learn. Education is not only restricted to what is given in textbooks, it also about obtaining knowledge from the surroundings. It is directly related to optimism. The more you read, write and learn, the more confidence you gain. The confidence is reflected in personality of the person. Education helps in the development of both individual as well as a community. Education is a need to survive in this competitive world. It is a slow process of learning but it surely helps in accomplishing dreams. It makes one self-dependent. It helps in taking wise decisions in life. Moreover, it helps us in differentiating between what is right and what is wrong.

           There is no age bar to getting educated. Education is important for people of all age groups. In the words of Henry Ford, ‘Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty’. Anyone can communicate but educated people communicate effectively. An educated individual is in a better position to complete a given task efficiently. Government of India runs a number of programs under which adult education is the main aim. Under National Literacy Mission (NLM), non-literates in the age group 15-35 years are imparted education in a time bound manner. There are 29 states in India but the changes in their literacy rates have not been up to the mark. While Kerala has the highest literacy rate of 93.91% , Bihar is till far behind these figures with literacy rate of 63.82% . Betterment in educational sector will contribute towards the growth and development of the country.

         There are a number of articles flooding newspapers on daily basis highlighting how people are committing crimes. What is more shocking is the involvement of children in such acts. The reason why children are also committing crimes is because they are not educated enough to judge what consequences an act can have. Maybe because of this reason, Victor Hugo wrote ‘He who opens a school door, closes a prison’. Education is a secure way of leading a peaceful and better life.    
        What distinguishes humans from other living creatures of this earth is the fact that human beings can use their education in the right direction for the best results for themselves. It begins at home and continues to be with us throughout our life. It aids us to find a good job and lead a respectful life. It helps us in earning and leading a comfortable life. Educated individuals do not discriminate. They give equal respect to their fellow beings as well as to plants, animals and other living creatures.

          By Aarzoo Kareer


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