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Shaik Imran - Social Activist

Imran a social activist who presently Works in USHA International Limited as Program Coordinator for their social initiatives across the three states, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka providing livelihood support to 1000+ women.

Let us know about him,

          He was born in lower middle class family of  Madikonda village of Hanamkonda Mandal, Warangal District , Telangana. His father  Shaik Mahaboob, is Retired  Government employee, a tailor and he served as Field Officer in SETWAR, Youth welfare Department of Telangana and mother Rabiya basri .

He was married in 2005 and blessed with two children Usman Ghani (11) and Mahajabeen Rana (9) and his wife is homemaker.
He had completed his schooling at St. Peters High school and higher studies from Lal bahadur college, Kakaitya University and Post graduate in Social work  from Acharya Nagarjuna university.

His Career

He started his career as a ground level worker in year 2000 in a small organization to create awareness on HIV /AIDS in slum areas of Warangal.  He worked for 11 years in public health domain handling various positions in various organizations.  He worked for Street children, Self help groups, Data management, Analysis, Evaluation, Water and Sanitation, and Women empowerment program at present. 

Beside his job he have different skills like Tailoring, Pencil Sketching- 3D, Photography and Micro Arts.

He said “I never thought of awards and achievements but I was searching for satisfaction in my work. I can quote one example of street child who has grown up as an entrepreneur and specialist in sugar cane farming.”

Special Interview of a Special person

(Q) How would you describe yourself in one word?

 Ans: Very straight and flexible

(Q) Give an Example of a time when you solved an analytically difficult problem?
 Ans: When I worked with street children in the early days of my career. We have a program called “Home Placement Camp” Where we take all the children to very remote place where they will have only connect with the camp organizers.  One day nearby villagers has objected and they started spreading rumours. I could find the link of an electronic media and invited them to the camp and organized a press meet which was really made difference in the villagers. On the closing day of camp we were honoured and community lunch was arranged. 

(Q) What is your favourite Quote?

Ans:  “Win the hearts not the arguments”

(Q) Whom do you like to credit your role model as --- Why?

Ans:   OSHO Rajneesh Acharya. He is very open minded and philosopher who speaks out of reality and very practical person.

 (Q) Which is your best achievement?

Ans: I have started a moment for social workers in 2015 and formed a group of social worker “Telugu Social Workers Forum” Within a year of time there are 700+ followers in the Facebook group and still growing day by day.

(Q) Tell us about a situation causing the feelings of regret in your career? If any?

Ans: No

(Q) What message you want to pass for our upcoming generations?

Ans: Work until you reach the goal do not give up and never distract from the path you choose.


Address : 2-188, Madikonda, Warangal, Telangana, 506142
Phone : 9177363326, 9848165126

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