Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Subtle Uniqueness of Deccanwood Movies

               Deccanwood has been producing movies in the Deccani or Dakhini language since 2005. It regales to the need of people who wish to see movies in a more appealing local dialect. When it started, the viewers were very few but with time, the number of viewers has increased within a few years. The response from the viewers has been positive as well as encouraging the producers to make more movies. The budget in the initial years was also not very big. The industry has firmly managed to increase the budget because of the demand of such movies.

THE ANGREZ – First Hyderabadi Movie

          The Angrez is the first Hyderabadi movie which was screened in the year 2005. It is a comedy movie which revolves around three different classes of people – (i) The Angrez , (ii) Ismail Bhai and Gang, and (iii) Mama (Anna and Gang). The film shows how people are fascinated by American materialism, the hype around the IT sector and the lifestyle and culture it has generated.

             Initially, the movie was screened only in four theatres but after the reviews, it was released in many theatres in Hyderabad. Moreover, CDs and DVDs were released when it completed 25 weeks. The producer of the movie wanted the Department of Tourism to promote the movie to make the people aware about the city of Hyderabad. The Hyderabadi culture has been covered in this movie as per the directors and producers of the movie. Another interesting fact about this movie is that a five-minute long rap song on Hyderabadi Biryani has been shot at 77 different locations. Surprisingly, the movie made a record of selling 5 million copies at the launch of DVD and VCD by Hyderabad-based home video company ‘ Shalimar Video’.

           The Angrez not only gained popularity in Andhra Pradesh but also in the areas of Middle East and the US. This was because of widespread availability of torrent sharing sites. This movie became an immediate hit among International residents of Hyderabad.

          The sole reason of writing about the movie ‘The Angrez’ was to let people know that because of the success of the very first movie of the Hyderabadi Film Industry, people have laid their  interest in other Hyderabadi movies. Some of the other movies produced in this industry include Hyderabad Nawabs, Fun Aur Masti, Aadab Hyderabad, Berozgaar, Ek Tha Sardaar and so on. It is believed that this industry will soon give a very tough competition to other industries.  

- By Aarzoo Kareer

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