Friday, 22 June 2018

5 must haves for a solo bike ride

‘Traveling solo is the single best gift one can give oneself’- Anonymous

Well rightly said.Though travelling alone can be a challenging task but It gives an everlasting bunch of memories to cherish for lifetime. And when that solo trip is on a bike the happiness manifolds.

But to make sure that the solo trip turns out to be success, Here is a list of 5 most important things that one should have while travelling alone:

           1.     Document Holder
A small plastic envelope folder where one can organize all traveling documents like passport, other identification documents and photocopies, itinerary , maps, debit and credit cards, cash

           2.     Medicine Kit
A pouch containing all the necessary medicines that may be required during a trip is a must have. In addition to this, one should also carry along hand sanitizer, wet wipes and other toiletries.

           3.     Gadgets
The most important part of a trip is the leisure time. And gadgets are the ultimate tool to have a great past time during a trip. Also gadgets prove to be of great help for navigation and communicating with our loved ones back at home. They should be packed in a separate water proof pouch  with utmost care.

4. Spare clothes
Weather has it’s own uncertainties. One should always have a set of spare clothes just in case the worn ones get soiled or wet.

5. Emergency contact Information card
Baring aside the fun of travelling solo, it comes with a lot of challenges and responsibility. We are own guardians. So it is necessary that one should have a list of important contact numbers on a sheet of paper just in case of emergency or when something goes wrong, one can contact someone for help.

It is necessary to carry all the essentials for the trip to have a hassle free experience and enjoy one’s trip to the fullest.

‘Solo traveling will be the scarciest, most liberating, life changing experience of your life, so try it atleast once’

                                                                                            - Bhavya Bhatia

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