Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Roshni Sharma- A lone traveller who rode a bike from Kanyakumari to Kashmir

"I felt fearless. There is nothing in this world that I feel I can't achieve," she said.

The idea of travelling excites everyone and we all have some places on our bucket list. While we see so many people around us going on solo trips, a woman travelling alone still hasn't become a norm in India. Safety concerns hold us back from having the fun of setting out on our own, meeting new people and discovering a new connection with our own self.
But 27-year-old Roshni Sharma shed all these inhibitions, picked up her bike and kick-started her journey from Kanyakumari that ended in Leh, covering 11 states that came along her way.

An engineer by profession, Roshni hails from Naraura village in Uttar Pradesh. In the month of June last year, she embarked upon the journey of a lifetime that not just added a new horizon to her personality, but also inspired many others.

She passed the lofty Himalayan mountains, tough terrains, high passes of Rohtang, Sarchu, Pang and Tangalangla and rode through the dangerous glaciers that tested her endurance.

She had started to prepare for the arduous journey 7-8 months prior to setting out. The planning included chalking out a route plan, confirming the route, convincing parents, buying a bike and other necessary equipment. She also learned about the bike to be able to handle it in case it broke down and also paid some extra attention towards her fitness.

Before her cross-country trip, Sharma had done more than a few solo bike trips like Bangalore-Pune-Bangalore and Bangalore-Chennai-Bangalore. But even for a seasoned biker, an expedition across the length of the country through notorious regions and dangerous highways like the Leh-Manali Highway presented new challenges and lots of disbelief.
 Roshni claims she feels liberated riding around in the midst of nature . With her trusted bike, she rode all the way from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, all on her own. She is India's first female to do so, and she covered 11 states in 19 days.

If anything, her stereotype breaking experience of traveling alone in India might give many women the final and much awaited push to pack their bags and stop waiting for people to go with them. The thought is scary but Roshni's example and first hand experience makes for an inspirational story which had it it's own doubts, but conquered all.
Roshni also believes that the myth about solo women travelers first needs to broken in the minds of the traveler themself.

Talking about the expedition, Roshni said, "Biking is my passion and by taking this expedition, I want to spread a message among women, especially young girls, to come out of social taboos and live a free life." Well a great source of inspiration to many lone travellers, especially women. 
Sharma defies all the stereotypes associated with not only women, but women from small towns unexposed to the glitz and glamour of India’s most urbanised cities. A lone wolf in the vast expanse of the country, between dhabhas and highway lodges, a few small accidents even, Sharma’s feat is reflective of what a woman on a mission can achieve.

- By Bhavya Bhatia

Friday, 27 July 2018

Facebook set to be fined £500,000 by UK privacy watchdog after breaking data laws

In another major setback to the social marketing giant, Facebook faces a defamation suit worth £500,000 by UK privacy watchdog in reference to breach of data laws. Facebook broke the country’s Data protection Act by making users’ information available to a third-party app linked to Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm. The California based company and Cambrigde Analytica are believed to have indulged in negotiations to share user data thus compromising the privacy of over 87 million users.
The £500,000 fine, which forms part of a notice of intent sent to Facebook by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), is the biggest the regulator can issue in its investigation. The investigation, led by Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, found that the social marketing giant had infringed the law by failing to fortify user’s data and that the company had also failed to be lucid about how personal data was being used by others. "Fines and prosecutions punish the bad actors, but my real goal is to effect change and restore trust and confidence in our democratic system," said Denham.

 The digital information sharing by Facebook is also linked to various breach of conduct of information for political gains during election campaign.
The ICO discovered that Facebook had breached its own rules and failed to make sure Cambridge Analytica had deleted personal data of millions of users.
While Cambridge Analytica insisted it had indeed wiped the data after Facebook's erasure request in December 2015, the ICO said it had corroboration that copies of the data had been shared with others.

“We’re reviewing the report and will respond to the ICO soon,” said Erin Egan, the company’s chief privacy officer. Meanwhile, Facebook has the right to respond to the regulator’s fine before a final conclusion is made in the case.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Asifuddin Mohammed – Founder of first Telugu Islamic Channel, Sphoorthy TV


He was born in 1973. He had completed MBA, LLB, LLM and MA in Arabic.


His Father name is Yousufuddin Muhammed, retired as Deputy Commissioner of Labour. He also practiced labour laws. His mother is a home maker.
His wife is an Aalimah and Faazilah, a Home maker. He has Four Kids. Three boys and one girl. Eldest one XIIth and youngest in VIII.

He is presently running a TV channel by name Sphoorthy TV. It is the first Telugu Islamic Channel.


He worked in various fields like Foreign Exchange management, teaching Business Management, preaching theology and now serving the Muslim community through TV channel.


He had been an active student from school days. But what motivated him most was the possibility of bringing different communities together based on what the scriptures say. So he has ventured out to research in this area and come up with several speeches which can unite Hindus, Muslims and Christians on the basis of their respective scriptures. So, over 12 years, he delivered several hundreds of speeches and they gave encouraging results. Now educating the Muslims even at remotest corners of the state through the channel.

Special Interview of a Special person

(Q) How Would you describe yourself in one word?
 Ans: Goal oriented

(Q) Give an Example of a time when you solved an analytically difficult problem?   
 Ans: Setting up a TV channel requires crores of rupees. But we had only a few lakhs. We worked out things in such a way, I finally got it within budget, alhamdulillah

(Q) What is your favourite Quote?
Ans:  Hundreds of verses of Qur’an and hundreds of sayings of Prophet Muhammed pbuh. But I will just narrate one due to your space constraints. The Holy Prophet said, “A believer can’t be ditched by the same hole twice.” So, one mistake is pardonable. But you are not a good Muslim if you are not learning from the first mistake, if you are NOT learning from your mistakes , if you are repeating mistakes…

(Q) Whom do you like to credit your role model as --- Why?
Ans:   Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him. Because he is the best human in every aspect of life.

 (Q) Which is your best achievement?
Ans: Yet to come

(Q) Tell us about a situation causing the feelings of regret in your career? If any?
Ans: It took very long to realise, being sincere is not enough, you need to be smart, disciplined and organised too

(Q) What message you want to pass for our upcoming generations?
Ans: Having a very good excuse for not achieving something, can never be equal to achieving it.

Contact Address : 803, Paigah Plaza, Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad -29
Contact Numbers : +91-8106111155

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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Multi Talented "Arifuddin Kalwakurthy" – Educationalist and Great Social Worker

Arifuddin a Youngster is a well educated and a Great Social Worker. Let us Know more about him,
Mohammad Arifuddin was born on 10th March 1993 in Kalwakurthy(Vlg&Mdl), Nagarkurnool (Dist), Telangana.

  • He Completed his Schooling in Government high school, Kalwakurthy 2008.
  • He completed his intermediate in Government junior college, Kalwakurthy in 2010.
  • Later he completed B.COM (GEN) in Government Degree College, Kalwakurthy in 2014.
  • Later he completed B.Ed (Social -Hindi) in SBMS college of Education, Kalwakurthy in 2015. Later he studied MSW in OSMINIA UNIVERSITY in 2017.
  • He has also completed HINDI VIDHVAN  HINDI PRACHAR SABHA HYD in 2012.
  • He completed MA at Chennai University



His Father  is Mohd. Khamruddin and he is a cook.  His Mother is Shaheda begum, house wife.  He has 3 Siblings two sisters and one brother. His Elder sister is Tasmia begum, B.A and married. His Brother is Mohammad Sirajuddin, B.A and married. His Elder Sister is Shameem B.A, B. Ed.


1. Conducted awarness camps in different areas to motivate blood donations to number of students & youth
2.Conducted blood donation camps : nearly 500 members donate blood to different camps
3. He individually donated 17 times. He is a life time blood donor. He is a Universal Donor
4. From last 10 years, he is providing in hospitals for emergency like surgery, accident cases etc.,
5.He is Life Time Member Indian Redcross Society (Ircs)
6.Blood Donation Motivater.
7.Junior Redcross Co-Ordinater

He provides quality education to poor and needy people in government sector and conduct sessions like,
1.Personality development
2.Motivation clasess
3.Career & guidance counselling

He conducts essay,elocution and quiz competitions on the occations of great personalities of  birth &death anniversarys , freedom fighters days, national festivals to improve students overall development. He presents the certificates, awards & rewards to students for encouraging them.

To aware the society rigths & responsibilities
1.Right to education act( rte) -2009
2.Right to information act (rti)-2005
3.Human rights
4.Child & women acts

GREEVENCE DAY (PRAJAVANI) every monday govt officially conducted greevence day at collectors office. He help common pepole for filling the applications and fullfill their doubts like that he serve to poor & common people.

He established
1.yuvasatta social organisation in- 2011
2.sunrise social organisation-2013
3.pragathi foundation
To serve poor&needy orphans.

For his Social work he got many Awards, Some of those are
1.Best Social Worker Award
2.Telugu Mahasabha Award
2.Best Citizen Of Telangana Award
3.human Rights Best Supporter Award
4.Excellent Performence In Social Service Award
5.The Leader  Award
6.Seva Shiromani Award
7.Wonder Book Of International Award
8.Global International Award
9.Mahatma Gandhi  National Peace Award
9.Dr.Br.Ambedkar National Award
10. National Awardee
11. Four Times Youth Festival Awards
12.State Youth Convention Award

13.Special Awards & Appreciations From State ,National, International Dellgates

His Favourite Quotation is 
                                “IF NOT NOW, WHEN
                          IF NOT WE, WHO?”


Shaik Salauddin, State President At Telangana Four Wheeler Driver's Association

Shaik Salauddin was born on November 11th 1985 in Amberpet, Hyderabad.


He completed his schooling in New Chaitanya High School, Amberpet. Later Intermediate in kachiguda. Later he completed degree(B. Com) in City college.

Career Development

When he is in 7th class he started his small business called “Nabi Enterprises” that is savings chit funds. In that 80 members are there on that time.  It is actually saving money. In this children, house wives etc., are involved. We can pay upto 1 to 20 rupees. He used to go to houses and collect money from different people. After 120 days he give money back to them. If they pay daily 1 rupee they will get 100 rupees after 120 days he will take 20 rupees. That is “ Nabi Enterprises”. But in 11th standard he stopped that business.
  • In his 11th standard he Kept shop of Cd players Rental Business upto degree first year. It was also successful business.
  • After Intermediate he worked as a driver for a CBCID officer for 2 years. It was a Ambassador.
  • Later he bought Ambassador and gave hire for Horticulture Department for 4 years. He drived 4 years for Retired horticulture project director S.Radha Krishna Murthy.
  •  Later he took Indica and left to Nizamabad 3 years.
  • Later he worked as Driver cum assistant to Dr. Ramakrishna urologist for 2 years.
  • Later he elected as State President for Telangana Four Wheeler Driver's Association 

Social Activities :
  • From 3 years he is GHMC Camping Head at Walk for Water NGO in Hyderabad.
  • He Is Citizen First Human rights state vice president Telangana. In that they mainly solve Family related issues.
  • As a Four wheeler’s drivers association president he used to solve many problems of drivers.


His father is Shaik Abdul Nabi, Contractor. His mother is Ghousnissa begum, house wife .He has two siblings one brother and one sister. Shaik imtiaz ali and Naseem his sister.
His wife is Nazia begum. He has two daughters Taniya begum 2nd class and Sania begum 2 and half years old.

Special Interview of a Special person

(Q) How Would you describe yourself in one word?
 Ans: Noble worker

(Q) Give an Example of a time when you solved an analytically difficult problem?     
 Ans: I got many problems in life but always I used Mind & Heart and solves problems

(Q) What is your favourite Quote?
Ans:  Har Roz apna nahi hota jab dusro keliye jeena sikhte ho to sab kuch apna hota

(Q) Tell us about a situation causing the feelings of regret in your career? If any?
Ans: No

(Q) What message you want to pass for our upcoming generations?
Ans: Do hard work and Success will come to you



Syed Osman Azhar Maqsusi was born in old city, Hyderabad in 1979. He studied upto 5th standard in Government upper Primary Urdu Medium School.

His father died when he was four years old. After school he did Tailoring for 12 years. After he kept his own Tailoring Shop for 3 years. Later for 1 year he went to Glass Fitting work. Later he started a Plaster of Paris interior design business in 2001. Upto now it was running successfully.


His Father is Syed Nusrath, auto driver (died when Azhar is 4 years old) and his mother is a House wife. He has 4 siblings 3 brothers and 1 sister.
He was married in 2001. He has 3 children (2 boys, 1 girl). His daughter is studying degree first year.

Social Activities

“His father died when he was four years old and his mother struggled a lot to raise  him and his siblings. That’s why he knows what if anyone sleeps with hunger”. He was Hunger in childhood days.

It all started around in 2012.  One day his tyre got punctured and he decided to catch the local train from the station under the bridge when he saw a physically handicapped woman with her feet amputated.  Azhar still remembers that the woman's name was Lakshmi and she was crying, begging for food instead of money as she hadn't eaten in days. Azhar had bought food from hotel and gave it to her.
 He went home and said this situation to his wife and mother and told them he wants to serve food for poor people. His mother and his wife are happily reacted to that. In the starting days he used to cook food in home and serve for few people.

Later seeing this other people want donate money but he refused he told them to donate rice or required ingredients. Later he used to cook under the under the Dabeerpura bridge in Hyderabad where he first started with Lakshmi.

Later he started this too many places in all over India. He is giving food for Thousands of people. Now they also free dental clinic, teaching free tailoring to women etc., and many more.

Awards and Appreciations

For his great work he appreciations from Amitabh Bachchan, Salman khan and many others.

He got many awards also, in that some of them are
  • Yuddh Veer award
  • Dubai Heart of gold award
  • Telangana shantidooth Award

The only Regret in his life is He wants to become Cricket player but it didn’t happen. Now he hopes his son will become a cricketer.


Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Mohammad Abdul Quddus, Inspiring doctor with Unique Qualities

Let us know about him,


He was born in Hyderabad.  
He had studied in Iqra Public School upto 6th in 2002. 
From 2002 – 2006 he had completed his schooling from 6th to 10th in Quli Qutub shah Urdu Government residential school. From 2006 to 2008 he had completed  Intermediate in Sultan Ul Uloom junior college, Shalibanda. In 2014 he had completed  BUMS in Government Nizamiya Tibbi College. Later he applied for MD.


In 2010 he started Cupping therapy with his senior. Later he started Leech Therapy.

In between 2016 to 2017 Leech therapy in  Shaheennagar. In the starting days he used to go to patients and give Leech Therapy to the Patients.

  • His Father is Mohammad Umar, a Shopkeeper died of sun stroke in 1998. His mother is Sajida begum, House wife.
  • He has two Siblings. One is Mohammad Abdul Sami, B.Ed.,  works as a teacher in Sultan ul uloom. Another one is Mohammad Abdul Wasay, B. Tech. works as civil engineer.
  •  His Wife is also BDS.     

Presently His work                
  • Presently he has his own clinic, Al Madina health care clinic, Moinbagh, riyasat nagar. He had started just one month earlier.
  • Now he is doing PG Diploma in anaesthesia.

  • He Participated in Many Sports like Cricket and some Indoor Games. He also got Awards for the Indoor games.
  • In 2018 he got TNWA Cultural award for his work. 

Special Interview of a Special person

(Q) How Would you describe yourself in one word?
 Ans: Nothing is Impossible

(Q) Give an Example of a time when you solved an analytically difficult problem?  
 Ans: One of my Patient had his leg damaged, when Many doctors have gave up I have regularly gave him Leech Therapy and cure his problem in 3 months

(Q) What is your favourite Quote?
Ans:  If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way

(Q) Whom do you like to credit your role model as --- Why?
Ans:   My Father Mr. Mohammad Umar

(Q) Tell us about a situation causing the feelings of regret in your career? If any?
Ans: I always want to become IAS officer but it did not happen

(Q) What message you want to pass for our upcoming generations?
Ans: Always do your hard word


Monday, 16 July 2018

Did you know about the ‘Floating Post Office’?

Jammu and Kashmir is one of the beautiful states of India. The number of tourist footfalls increases every year. The state has everything beautiful. This state is unruffled. Talking about the postal network, India has the largest postal network in the world.

            This tourist place added a new feather to its cap when it declared the inauguration of a floating post office on the Dal Lake, which is also India’s first floating post office. As informed by John Samuel, the state’s chief post master, "This is the first such post office in India. It has been made as a tourist focus post office on a huge house boat and will provide a unique and tourist-friendly service to the people of Kashmir and to tourists from across the world."

            Sachin Pilot, Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology(IT), and Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, inaugurated this floating post office in August 2011. Samuel, the state’s chief post master, also said that the letters posted from this post office will carry a special design which will have the scenic beauty of Dal Lake and Srinagar. This feature had been added in order to promote Kashmir as a tourist attraction across the globe. It is also a tribute to Dal Lake, which is an important tourist friendly place of this state.

(Image source : 

         The post office also includes a philately museum. Moreover, there is a shop that sells stamps and other things. Picture post cards, greeting cards, stationery and several books on Kashmir are also sold here. The beauty of this post office truly compliments the beauty of this lake. This idea of having a floating post office is incredibly different and benefitting.

-         By Aarzoo Kareer

Friday, 13 July 2018

SHAKUNTALA DEVI : The Human Calculator

              Popularly known as ‘Human Computer’, Shakuntala Devi was an Indian writer and a mental calculator. She was an epitome of child prodigy. Her unique talent helped her win a place in 1982 edition of The Guinness Book of World Record. Born in Bengaluru, she wrote a number of books which include novels as well as texts about mathematics, astrology and puzzles.

              As Shakuntala Devi had arithmetic talent, she travelled the world demonstrating her talent. She toured Europe in 1950 and New York in 1976. She even travelled to the US where Arthur Jensen, a professor of psychology at University of California, studied her abilities. He tested her performance particularly on large numbers. These included calculating the cube root of 61,629,875 and the seventh root of 170,859,375. He reported that Devi provided solution of these problems even before Jensen could copy them.

            Devi gave the 23rd square root of a 201-digit number in 50 seconds at Southern Methodist University in 1977. On 18 June, 1980, she showed the multiplication of two 13-digit numbers - 7,686,369,774,870 × 2,465,099,745,779- which were picked at random by the Computer Department of Imperial College, London. She correctly answered this multiplication in 28 seconds. This event was recorded in The Guinness Book of World Record in 1982. Devi expounded many of the methods she used to do mental calculations in her book 'Figuring: The Joy of Numbers'.

              Some of her notable books are Astrology For You, Book of Numbers, In the Wonderland of Numbers, Mathability : Awaken the Math Genius in Your Child, Puzzles to Puzzle You and so on. She passed away on 21st April 2013, at the age of 83 years.

-         By Aarzoo Kareer