Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Article on Today's kalam Foundation in HANS India Newspaper

Our Article in HANS India News paper today

NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Ashok Pamidi, takes over as NASSCOM Foundation CEO

 New Delhi, 29th Oct 2018: NASSCOM Foundation, social arm of the IT industry body, NASSCOM, announced today that Mr. Ashok Pamidi, Senior Director, NASSCOM, has taken over as the CEO of NASSCOM Foundation. 

Mr. Pamidi comes with a diverse experience of 29+ years in the IT industry and is also leading the NASSCOM’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. He is responsible for membership development and also leads the SME initiatives for NASSCOM.

Mr. Arun Seth, Chairman, NASSCOM Foundation said, “We are delighted to welcome Ashok Pamidi as the CEO of NASSCOM Foundation. The social sector today has realized the potential of technology as a platform for change. Ashok will bring in the right mix of technological and social expertise in taking forward key Foundation’s initiatives in Skills for the underserved, digital literacy, empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, encouraging social innovation and industry volunteering.

About NASSCOM Foundation:

NASSCOM Foundation is a leading non-profit organization driving technology for good.  The Foundation’s work is just as expansive and evolutionary as the potential that technology and corporate India entail. Drawing strength from its parent body NASSCOM, the Foundation works closely with four major stakeholders: NASSCOM member companies, NGOs, emerging social enterprises and Government to foster a strategic relationship between technology and development. NASSCOM Foundation’s core initiatives include working for Persons with Disabilities, fostering innovative solutions for social good, creating unique skilling models for underserved communities, and digital literacy where it is the industry partner to the Govt. of India’s National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM / PMGDiSHA)

~ Indraneel Banerjee

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Ration Kit Distribution

We have distributed Ration Kits(1 ration kits contains - 10 kg of Rice, 5kg of toor dal,5 kg of atta) to 35 identified Families in 2 centers in Riyasatnagar and Hafez Baba nagar.This program will encourage their parents to send their kids to our centers regularly and connectivity for us directly with Parents.We will try to distribute to all our center parents and get their support.This was supported by Tanvi ji and her Company employees.

Lets Help Change The World

With the world being sunk in sufferings, refugee crisis, hunger,poverty, health crisis,climatic change and we are moving to unemployment.The rich getting richer,the poor getting poorer.People are 15-18 hrs daily and yet unable to feed themselves and their families two meals a day.Good health, education and a safe and hygiene environment is next level thing.

According to a report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that about 815 million people of the 7.6 billion people in the world, or 10.7%, were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2016.You little contribution could help people have two square meals,a healthy and safe environment, education and let's just a basic amenities of life.

The sole cause of this crisis can be solved by empowering people with education and making them skillful.With United Nations and several big and small NGOs, working on global scale and ground level to fix this issue.According to the 2011 Census, one-third of Hyderabad’s population lives in slums. Over 1179 slums have been officially identified by GHMC. The slum
population is growing at a rate of 6.06% per annum. Much of this is concentrated in the Old City,Hyderabad where living conditions remain abysma.

Kalam center is such an NGO working on initiative to educate slum children. As of today, 15 Kalam Centers have been set up with over 450 children attending every day.Each Kalam Center runs on a meagre budget of 50,600 rupees a year.Your little contribution can help us achieve our objective.So come up and add your little contribution and encourage your friends.Lets help and make change the world.

~Kashif Imteyaz

Friday, 26 October 2018

Abdul Akbar – Not so educated but Today he is a Manager in a Biggest Pharmacy in Hyderabad

Abdul Akbar is just tenth pass but today he is well settled. 
Let us know about him,

Abdul was born in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. He completed his schooling in Little star High School. Later he was not much interested in Education.  

After 1 and half year he joined in a Pharmacy in his Father’s friends shop. For 3 years he worked in that pharmacy ad learnt work.

In 2011 he joined in Uday Medicals is one of the biggest medical shop in Panjagutta, Hyderabad. He became manager in that pharmacy.  In that shop there are 7 to 8 members staff under him.  They are also Whole sale distributors for many pharmacies and 10 to 12 members work in that. They also give Home Delivery.

His Father name is Abdul Jaleel and his mother is a house wife. He has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. He is a 2nd son in his family.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

#Me too movement

Me Too' or #MeToo is a movement which was initiated in 2006 by a social activist Tarana Burke against the dire concern of the masses on the matter of sexual abuse and harassment in America.
The movement started to gain recognition in October 2017 after Alyssa Milano, an American actress posted a tweet asking the victims and survivors of sexual assault to come out, accepting the bitter truth of the society and letting others know that they are not alone.

Back Ground: Where it all Started

In 2006, Tarana Burke founded the ‘Me Too Movement’ to help survivors of sexual violence, particularly non-white young women who were not so well off to find ways to make them come out of the aura that they had suffered
The idea of “Empowerment through Empathy” was behind the Me Too Movement. It was ultimately created to ensure survivors know they're not alone in their journey.
In 2017, the trend re-gathered the fame after #MeToo was tweeted by the actress Alyssa Milano.

Key Facts

The "silence breakers" refer to any man or woman who come forward to say that they had been the victim of abuse.
The phrase "Me too" was tweeted by Milano around noon on October 2017, and had been used more than 200,000 times by the end of the day, and tweeted more than 500,000 times within 24 hours.
On Facebook, the hashtag was used by more than 4.7 million people in 12 million posts.

- By Bhavya Bhatia

Chennai- The Gateway of South India

Chennai is the capital city of Tamilnadu State.  It is one of the metropolis of India and serves as the gateway of  the  culture  of South India. In spite of being the  capital  of  a  Tamil speaking  State,  it has emerged as a cosmopolitan city playing  an  important role  in  the  historical, cultural and  intellectual  development  of  India, representing  still the distinct components of the highest form  of  Dravidian civilisation.  In addition, it holds out an interesting fair of  South Indian architecture, music, dance, drama, sculpture and other arts and crafts.

Places of Interest

Marina Beach
Marina beach in Chennai along the Bay of Bengal is India’s longest and world’s second longest beach. This predominantly sandy of nearly 12 kilometers extends from Beasant Nagar in the south to Fort St. George in the north. Chennai Marina beach was renovated by Governor Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant Duff in 1880s. All tourists traveling to Chennai never miss visiting this grand Chennai beach.Marina beach is easily accessible by buses, taxis, two and three wheelers.

Government Museum
Established in 1851, Government Museum of Chennai is popular as the Madras Museum. Factually being the second oldest museum of India (after Kolkata’s Indian Museum), this museum is a treasure in itself! As a rich repository of finest masterpieces of art, archaeology, anthropology, numismatics and much more, the Madras Museum assures to lure one and all.Spread across an area of 16.25 acres of land, the Government Museum is also counted among the largest museums of South Asia.

Fort St. George
The Fort is a stronghold with 6 metres (20 ft) high walls that withstood a number of assaults in the 18th century. It briefly passed into the possession of the French from 1746 to 1749, but was restored to Great Britain under the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, which ended the War of the Austrian Succession. Fort now serves as one of the administrative headquarters for the legislative assembly of Tamil Nadu state and it still houses a garrison of troops in transit to various locations at South India and the Andamans. The Fort Museum contains many relics of the Raj era, including portraits of many of the Governors of Madras. The fort is maintained and administered by the Archaeological Survey of India as a ticketed monument.

St Mary’s Church
This church is the oldest Anglican church in India. It was built between 1678 and 1680 on the orders of the then Agent of Madras Streynsham Master.[12] The tombstones in its graveyard are the oldest English or British tombstones in India. This ancient prayer house solemnised the marriages of Robert Clive and Governor Elihu Yale, who later became the first benefactor of Yale University in the United States.

- By Bhavya Bhatia

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Support for 1 Kalam Center and Benefit 25 Slum Kids

The Situation:
More than one-third of the Hyderabad’s population lives in slums
1179 slums have been identified by by GHMC officially. 
Slums continue to grow at a rate of 6.06% per annum.
Primary sources of livelihood includes housekeeping, autorickshaws, blue collared work and street vending.

The Children:
Congested habitations and living conditions make academic excellence a challenge.
Education is discontinued at a young age for most children due to financial constraints and safety concerns
These kids are involved in household chores, child labor, child marriages

What we do:
Holistic development of lesser-privileged children.
Courses are offered in: Academics, Self-defense, Vocational Training and Personality Development
Special focus is laid on: Health and hygiene, Nutrition awareness, career counseling and extra curriculum activities.

The Process:

TKF volunteers visit recognized slum areas, and identify student groups from Govt. schools.
Mentors are identified from the same slum, and employed.
A “Kalam Centre” is established in a local hall or study space.
Mentors provide after-school support to the students for 2 hours per day.
Each centre consists of around 25 kids.
Attendance is recorded everyday.

How you could help:

Volunteer in our Centers regularly and assist in teaching.

Train our mentors and volunteers and interact with them Quarterly or Half Yearly.

Sponsor as individuals or groups to support a center.

Spread the word among friends and colleagues.

Financial Support:

Budget of 1  Kalam Center per Year

Monthly Expenses
Yearly expenses
Tutor Salary
Tutor training

Educational Field Trip

Celebration of National Holidays


Black Board,Flex,Mat dust bin etc

Set of Library Books

Admin Charges




Total Cost of Center for 1 year is Rs 90,000

Ways you can Support:

1.    Adopt 1 center per Year  =           Rs 90,000

2.    Donate a Library (one time)   =    Rs 6000

3.    Donate Student Kits (Bag, books, pens one time) per Student =  Rs 500

4.    Sponsor a Child : Rs 600 per month (Yearly Rs 3,600) per 1 child

Here are our Bank Account Details:

Bank Name        : State Bank of India
Account no.        : 37374596795
IFSC code           : SBIN0020775
MICR code         : 500002377

For Donations through:

Paytm  : 9618243916

Tez app : 9966950721

 Please Donate on this link : https://milaap.org/fundraisers/kalamcenter

Thanks and regards,

Arshad Shaik
Today's Kalam Foundation

Mob: +91 90520 39855

Monday, 15 October 2018

Mohammed Adil – A Teenager who does his job and Education at a time

 Mohammed Adil, he joined job after 10th and continuing his education.

Let us know about him,

Mohammed Adil  is born in Malle pally, Hyderabad. He completed his schooling in Galaxy School, Pochy.  Presently he is studying Intermediate in NIOS.

His father is Noushad Alam, he is shop owner and his mother is house wife.

In 2017 he joined job in Computerized embroidery. In this he is a designer.  In this company they made designs in computer and later in machine they will make print.


Mental Health Awareness

Few years back, I was living a life full of agony and disappointments.And I made a mind to start over.There is a lot of negative energy radiating in this world,it is you who need to coat yourself in such a way that no bad vibes could seep through in.
Waking up and seeing things messed up.Feeling sorry that you can't do anything about it.Meeting,interacting and spending times with the very people you know are mean, you don't like or in a way are snakes.

Say it a big NO.

Nomore to living a pathetic life and cursing yourself.Yes you can make a change and that's the day you will start feeling better.

Spend your precious time reading books,watching movies, getting involved in hobbies, going off on vacations and all together being productive and creative.

People are toxic,I admit.Take a break.No further hanging out and being friends with people you feel choked around.Stop trying to fix relationships that are like rusty cars on highway.No one gives aid to a drowing boat.So you need to sail smoothly and safely on your own.
Recreate your personal space and let yourself grow again.

- By Kashif Imteyaz

National Intigrity

Interaction of Franklin Templeton company Employees in Hafeez baba Nagar Center

6 employees from Franklin Templeton company have volunteered for full day in Hafeez baba Nagar Center and interacted with kids followed by Drawing competition.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Computer Distribution in 22 Government Schools - Sponsored by Real Page

Computer are disbtributed in 22 government schools. Today's Kalam Foundation Volunteers had completed this distribution Successfully. 

The school names are listed below,
  • Government Boys High School, Shalibanda
  • Government Boys High School, Dareechabhaweer
  • Government Boys High School, Kaman Sukhmir
  • Government Boys High School, Ladbazar
  • Government Girls High School, Golkunda
  • Government Girls High School, Mandi Mir Alam
  • Government High School, Chelpurah
  • Government High School, Afzalgaunj
  • Government High School, Galbalguda
  • Government High School, Hussanialam
  • Government High School, Kalikaman
  • Government High School, Mufeed Un Niswa
  • Government High School, NS Kunta 
  • Government High School, Qazipura
  • Government High School, Shaakergaunj
  • Government High School, Shahgaunj
  • Government High School, tadban
  • Government High School, Umda Bazar
  • Government Public School, Asad Baba Nagar
  • Government Public School, Jahanuma
  • Government Public School, Kotllah Aliah
  • Government Upper Public School, Tattikoka