Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Computer Distribution in 22 Government Schools - Sponsored by Real Page

Computer are disbtributed in 22 government schools. Today's Kalam Foundation Volunteers had completed this distribution Successfully. 

The school names are listed below,
  • Government Boys High School, Shalibanda
  • Government Boys High School, Dareechabhaweer
  • Government Boys High School, Kaman Sukhmir
  • Government Boys High School, Ladbazar
  • Government Girls High School, Golkunda
  • Government Girls High School, Mandi Mir Alam
  • Government High School, Chelpurah
  • Government High School, Afzalgaunj
  • Government High School, Galbalguda
  • Government High School, Hussanialam
  • Government High School, Kalikaman
  • Government High School, Mufeed Un Niswa
  • Government High School, NS Kunta 
  • Government High School, Qazipura
  • Government High School, Shaakergaunj
  • Government High School, Shahgaunj
  • Government High School, tadban
  • Government High School, Umda Bazar
  • Government Public School, Asad Baba Nagar
  • Government Public School, Jahanuma
  • Government Public School, Kotllah Aliah
  • Government Upper Public School, Tattikoka


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