Monday, 15 October 2018

Mental Health Awareness

Few years back, I was living a life full of agony and disappointments.And I made a mind to start over.There is a lot of negative energy radiating in this world,it is you who need to coat yourself in such a way that no bad vibes could seep through in.
Waking up and seeing things messed up.Feeling sorry that you can't do anything about it.Meeting,interacting and spending times with the very people you know are mean, you don't like or in a way are snakes.

Say it a big NO.

Nomore to living a pathetic life and cursing yourself.Yes you can make a change and that's the day you will start feeling better.

Spend your precious time reading books,watching movies, getting involved in hobbies, going off on vacations and all together being productive and creative.

People are toxic,I admit.Take a break.No further hanging out and being friends with people you feel choked around.Stop trying to fix relationships that are like rusty cars on highway.No one gives aid to a drowing boat.So you need to sail smoothly and safely on your own.
Recreate your personal space and let yourself grow again.

- By Kashif Imteyaz

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