Sunday, 30 December 2018


Mangoes are juicy stone fruit from numerous species of tropical trees belonging to the flowering genus Mangnifera , cultivated mostly for their edible fruit. The majority of these species are found in nature as wild mangoes.  The genus belongs to the cashew family Anacardiaceae.                                               
  • It helps in digestion . It helps to facilitate healthy digestion and it promotes healthy gut. 
  • lowers cholesterol and thereby promotes immunity. 
  • It’s good for diabetes patients as it has low glycemic  food which is safer for diabetics to consume.  
  • Promotes eye health- Including mangoes in the diet may also help promote your eye health.Mangoes are rich in beta carotene that helps in the production of vitamin A. The powerful antioxidants helps improve vision ,boosts overall health and prevents age related macular degeneration of eyes.                                      


Selection of mangoes depends on four things the colour ,smell ,firmness and weight.  Colour-there are many different types of mangoes  some go from green to red some are orange. So once you are familiar with type of mango you are buying you can get an idea of which mangoes to select.        Smell A ripe mango will smell sweet . Check near the stem end the smell should be strong there . Smell is large part of your taste so it should be familiar to you.  Firmness Mangos like peaches will softened they ripen .Just as it starts to go from firm to soft , it’s just about ripe.       

- By Poorvi Bellap                                            

Saturday, 29 December 2018

A little talk about Google Duo app

Now we can make a video calls to our family members, friends and anyone with the help of Google Duo app. The best thing of Duo is it’s speed and simplicity unlike other video calling apps.  Google Duo app is high quality video chat Mobile app, developed by a multinational technology company Google. Worldwide it had released in the year of 2016. It is designed such a manner to be optimizing for lower bandwidth, available on Android, IOS operating systems. It switches either for Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

We have to know about its special feature of “ knock knock “. It means if you call a person through Duo app, he will see your live preview without answering your call. It consists of the facility of recording of our call conservation. The usage of this app is very simple. First you select one person's phone number in your contact list who has the accessibility of Duo app and make a video call to him through this app. In case some of your contacts are not tagged with Duo app, then you a chance to get connectivity with help of invite icon which is coexisted in this app. Its abundance is free for installation from Google play store. But this app doesn’t suits for PC and laptops. But we wish Google will make it as suitable for pc and laptops in soon.

- By Sruthi

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence programming is an apotheosis of computer science technology. It gives superlative advantages to our lives. It induces a modern level of smart technology which meets the demands of human lives with collaboration of different companies achievements as having the similarity like human knowledge. But it is a machine knowledge coined by us with help of software programming languages like Java, Python, Lisp, Pr olog, and C++.The advancement and it's special feature is it learns itself with clear solutions by facing current conflicts for further survivor. Such a Manner the programming has designed inside with the logical concept of statistics and probability. We may get doubt that how it responds with exact solution using its own intelligence  by examining the situation which is under its presence. It has designed the programming inside by consisting an electronic neural network in compact package. In a single word the clear demonstration of its working, it acquires the cognitive mimics for problem solving.

         This Artificial intelligence again categories in to 3 types. Those are ANI, AGI, ASI . ANI means Artificial narrow intelligence, AGI stand for Artificial general intelligence, ASI stands for Artificial super intelligence. ANI is week Artificial intelligence programming it needs some assistance. Google Assistance, Google translate, Siri, and some natural languages processing tools are coming under category of ANI. AGI is a cognitive intellectual programming which is exactly equivalent to the human intelligence. ASI is very superlative tool and exceeds humans in all aspects. Some people consider, if the revolutionary implementations in the research of AI occurs persistently, it may lead the risk of mass unemployment. However, the expected changes in different fields will be happening in future with the help of day by day improvement of AI like communication, healthcare, automotive, military, video games, finance and economics, audit, advertising, art.

- By Sruthi

Monday, 24 December 2018

Nanotechnology applications in the field of Health and Medicine

Every day there is a lot of inventions coming into a part of our lives without any procrastinations with the help of advanced research on science and technology. In that Nanotechnology is one of the highly precision technical support where it booms all the fields with fruitful results like Industries, Electronics, Environment, Energy, Space, IT sector, Health and Medicine. Nano metre is one billion times smaller than one metre (I.e. 10 ^ -9). Nanotechnology is engineering at the atomic and molecular scaling often deals with the size of 0.1 nm to 100 nm If we redesigned an object in atomic and molecular level of scaling Nano size, then the objective of that particular thing will be implemented by acquiring more strength in its structure, and achieved enhanced functions as per our requirements with in compact package.
      Even it has its impact on all sectors, specially now we are dealing the enormous applications of this tremendous technology in the field of health and medicine. The concept of targeted drug delivery will be opening a new chapter especially to end the problem of cancer patients. For example, if we find out a tumour in a specific area of human body, to treat that caner cells we depend on the traditional methods of chemotherapy and radiotherapy orally. Because of these methods patients feel more side effects like losing hair, becoming weak and sick. This kind of treatment methods and Medicine are too expensive to use for the betterment of cancer patient's health. Instead of that, if we use targeted drug delivery method where the Nano capsules contain the effective antibodies which will be designed such manner to activate with the energy of chemotherapy Nano miniaturized particle located inside the capsules, it will detect and attached with the cancer cells to destroy them.

           It is dealing with one more contrivance of neuron degeneration. It means to create a network of random neurons with new connections and placing it in a compact pack of neuron set. If any part of brain damage occurs for that particular person this neuron set will be useful for degeneration of neurons with new functions and features with replacement of damage. This technology is helpful for the study of DNA and it's research, if we get brief idea about DNA of particular person with less time span, then we easily predict health issues of him which will be facing in the future. With this kind of estimation we start caring today onwards.

Now we are looking for the application of Magnetic Nano particles. The major function of these particles to destroy the tumours and clear blood clots in side the brain without going for surgery. With the help of Nano capsules, the Magnetic Nano particles reaches the effected area. Later we apply Magnetic fields outer side, the Magnetic Nano particles develop the required amount of heat to burn the tumour and clear the blood clots inside the brain with fewer efforts.

At the earlier detection of cancer and treatment for its prevention with the help of Nano technology is Biomedical imaging. Quantum dots are the luminescent Nano particles. These will help us to recognize a very small blockage and a minuted hole at its starting stages inside the heart vessels. In the study of Ophthalmology, remove dead cells and blood clots inside the eye, the instrumental equipment which is made with Nanotechnology is very useful.
           Still, the research is going on how much amount of Nano drug is enough for clear the tumours, blockages, clots inside the body and after completion of its job on targeted area, it should be coming outside without interacting on other biological actions otherwise it will create new problems. If successfully the above mentioned inlaid problems overcoming by these Nano medicine, then really Nanotechnology is escorting human lives.

- By Sruthi

Friday, 21 December 2018

Today's Kalam Tailoring Center

Today's kalam foundation has started Tailoring centre. In that presently 20 members are learning stiching. 

Chiguru Program

On December 16th we have successfully completed. From Today's kalam 400 children had participated and more than 100 volunteers have joined in that.