Thursday, 10 January 2019

A lush sceneries of beauty of nature in Araku valley

Araku valley is beautiful hill station in the district of Vishakhapatnam. It symbolizes an acumen of the beauty of nature and it is located in Andhra Pradesh state. This valley is located in the Eastern Ghats and sustaining human life for divergent tribes. Anantagiri hill station and the reserved forest of Sunkarimetta   which are section of Araku Valley, are affluent in biodiversity.
           Here Galikonda hill is a one of the highest peaks in the Eastern Ghats. Its height is nearly 5000 feet from sea shore. This is arriving On the way of journey to the famed Borra Caves from Araku Valley. We can see a Spectacular scenery Of a Lush Green Valley, Hills, a Railway Track And Cottages from this view point. Borra caves formed with stalagmite and stalactite formations of calcium deposits on before one million year nearly. These are an antiquity lime stone caves and located in Anantagiri hills. The river of Gosthani which flows through the Borra caves is a enticement for tourists. Chaparai waterfalls is the best enchanting place for tourists. The tendency of water flowing across the disparate rocks at different levels makes it an insight of visitors. Water streams of the river Gosthani is flowing as a fall nearly at the katiki village so that the water fall named as Katiki water falls. It is the best one among the remaining waterfalls in Araku. Tribal museum is an amazing place which represents the life Style of tribal people in Araku The vision of this museum is creating awareness about culture of tribal people who lives there now. Padmapuram Gardens is one of the best famous places to visit in Araku. At the time of second world war this garden was developed here by British government to help their soldiers. People are facilitated to visit Araku by road transport as well as train transport. Because of its natural beauty, Araku is called as the Ooty of Andhra.

- By Sruthi

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