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AGARBATTI - Small scale Industry

Raw material for Agarbatti making
 The major raw materials for agarbatti  are bamboo sticks and different powder. According to the size you will need to purchase sticks .Also you can produce sticks by having the sticks making machine. Other materials are Charcoal dust ,Nargis powder Wood incense powder and several essential oils. According to the fragrance, you need to select the right formula. A fragrance lock packaging system is important in agarbatti making.                                                                                 

                                    According to the desired output entrepreneurs need to select the right machinery for agarbatti  making business. As as the project feasibility is concerned selecting the right machinery is one of the vital decing factors. Agarbatti making business is profitable and several different types of machinery are available in the market .
Manual agarbatti making machines is a very easy operating machine with high production ,low price durable ,improved quality which has no power required.  These are easy to maintain with a very affordable price.    

        Automatic Agarbatti Making Machine      
To get more uniformed production with the high volume output automatic machine is a perfect choice. These machines are available in attractive patterns ,designs and sizes as per the exact requirements. By this type of machines you will get a production output of 150 – 180 sticks / minute. Round and square both types of sticks can be used. Generally these machines run with electricity.                                
 High speed automatic agarbatti making machine
 You will find different types of fully automatic machine these require less manpower to operate.  By these types of machines you will get the desired output with minimum labour engagement. These machines generally produce 300,450 sticks per minute production 
Powder Mixer machine for agarbatti making
 In starting a large scale agarbatti making project you can consider having a powder mixer or blender machine to get uniform mixing quality with less labour input. These machines are normally capable of mixing up two types of powders that can be both wet and dry powder. These machines are generally custom made available in various shapes ,sizes and capacity.  
  Agarbatti making process 
  Mainly two types of agarbatti are  commercially manufactured. One is perfumed agarbatti and another one is masala agarbatti.  In manufacturing perfumed agarbattis powder of charcoal ,gigatu ,white chips etc are mixed with water to have a semi-soild paste. This composition is taken on wooden plank and applied to sticks by rolling with hands or with an automatic incense stick making machine. Then raw sticks are dipped in suitable perfumery compound diluted with white oil or other solvents like diethyl phthalate and dried and packed .     

- By Poorvi Bellap                                                                                                               

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