Thursday, 31 January 2019

Air pollution

Air pollution means the presence of chemicals in the air and which lower the quality of air and its harmful to all living things in the atmosphere. Air pollution can be both man made and naturally occurring. 

Causes of air pollution 

The main culprit of air pollution is man made sources of pollution. The single most harmful source of air pollution is burning of fossil fuels like petrol ,diesel coal etc. In rural areas the major source of pollution is the practice of crop burning. Another source of man made pollution is military resources such as nuclear and chemical weapons. 

Consequences of air pollution 

Ozone depletion the ozone layer is a belt of natural gases in the stratosphere that envelopes the planet. The pollutants that cause air pollution in our atmosphere are seriously damaging the ozone layer . Over the last few decades many holes have occurred have appeared in the layer . Smog is deadly combination of smoke and fog . Its greyish fog that is caused when the pollutants in the air such as carbon particles mix with fog . Smog is extremely harmful to humans and the entire environment. 

Strategy to control air pollution 

1 Use of energy efficient appliances Whether at the domestic level or industries level we must have energy efficient compliant appliances. 
2 Shifting Industries Another possible solution to reduce the harmful effects of air pollution is to shift the manufacturing plants ,factories and industries to remote areas with a low level of population. By doing so you can ensure that pollution in the urban areas decreases overtime. 
3 Shifting to Natural gases Instead of using and exhausting fossil fuels shifting to greener option is better for the environment. For example using CNG instead of petrol is great option .

- By Poorvi Bellap

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