Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Reason behind the celebration of new year on the day of 1 'st January

New year is celebrating on the starting day of that new year on January 1 'st world wide. The celebrations often start at the past late evening into New year 's day,1 January. Do you know the history of new year and why it is celebrating on the day of January 1.

Now we are following the Gregorian calendar. But at the time of Romans, they used a calendar which is reformed on the lunar movements. It consisted of 10 months,304 days per a year and celebrated March 1 as the starting day of new year. This calendar emerged as a problem regarding non repeating of festivals on the same date in the next year to the people of Roman empire. so at the time of 46 th BC, Julias Ceaser had reformed this calendar by adding 2 more months in it. He changed the starting day of new year to January 1 from March 1. He added the month of January on the name of Janus who was the god of gateways and beginnings. Julian calendar officially rehabilitated January 1 as the beginning day of new year. Julian calendar still had the problem of calculation of solar year time occurrence. So that in the year 1582, pop Gregorian XIII remodelled the Julian calendar to reduce the error while calculating the solar year time. Now we all are using this Gregorian calendar. because of globalization all countries adopted this calendar. According to this calendar, we are celebrating the January 1 as the beginning day of new year.

- By Sruthi

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