Friday, 18 January 2019

Soft toys manufacturing business

Soft toys are popular among kids . Its generally made of clothes and acrylic fur . Generally these toys come in various shapes and sizes . With a very small investment women can start this business on a small scale basis .

Soft toys manufacturing unit and machinery

You can start the unit from home . However you will need to have an area of 500 square feet . Also you must arrange electricity for the machine operations. Some of the major tools and equipment requirements are sewing machines ,scissor ,tape needles etc . Racks packing machine and there are other equipment. Soft toys manufacturing process and raw materials The manufacturing of soft toys is best suitable for ladies . The process of manufacturing of soft toys is very simple and easy . Basic steps include pattern , paper cutting , mould making ,fabric cutting, sewing ,eyes and nose punching ,stuffing and finishing. Then the cloth is cut according to the design of the toy to prepare for stitching. And then fill sponge into from other side . Later buttons ,ribbons and eyes are tucked into it to make it complete toy . Finally its sent for quality checking and packing. Now your toys are ready to go for the market. So this was about soft toys manufacturing business.

- By Poorvi Bellap

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