Friday, 18 January 2019

Solar energy is the best alternative of our daily electricity needs

        In 1973, the fuel crisis started. After completion of it, whole world have to search about alternative methods of energy production with help of renewable energy sources. The abundance of fossil fuels are limited and day by day those are decrementing rapidly. Utilization of conventional energy sources main cause for the increment of various kinds of pollution and big challenge for the sustainability of living beings with good health and hygiene. To maintain the adequacy and echo-friendly environment in our echo system regarding the continuous usage of energy to meet our daily requirements, We should depend on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, tidal and geothermal energies. Especially now we are looking for the solar energy utilization. Sun is the main source of energy for our planet. and it is a tremendous source of pollution free energy to develop green electricity. Solar energy is a great radiation light and heat emitted by the sun. According to energy conversion principle, solar energy has converted into green electricity. People may get a doubt that why should we use solar energy rather than remaining energy source. The important reasons are

·         sun is a source for plenty of energy, Regularly it releases energy  without a break in its continuity. Sun's radiation is produced by the reactions of nuclear fusion at its core, which is the main reason to emit a large amount of electromagnetic heat radiation. The surface of sun releases the heat energy of 63 million watts per square meter nearly. While the energy is reaching to the Earth, a lot of energy diminishes, finally earth receives nearly the energy of 1,370 watts per square meter on its surface where it is facing towards sun directly.
·         Solar Power Is pollution free energy and it has no bad impacts on the Environment. The real thing about solar energy is that the sun radiation produces a green and clean energy. Solar power is a best choice to control the emission of greenhouse gasses. So, it’s an echo- friendly and safest source of energy.
·         To save money by reducing the paying amount of our electricity bills because the power what amount you need is generated on your own without buying it from the supplier.
·         Another reason is the durability of solar energy systems. Because solar panels have stationary parts only unlike other energy systems. So that the occurrence of damage is less or rare. Now days entire solar panels are successfully tested for usage that these can endure for high speed winds and sustainable for the bad weather conditions, such as heavy snowfall, rainfall.
·         Our traditional electricity should be transported from the plant to the door step of consumer with a wide range of networks and transmission for long distance with reasonable power losses. In case of solar panels, there is no need to go for large extended networks for transmission of power. Our roof is required to get enough energy. So this kind of Rooftop solar panels is helpful in increasing the efficiency of electricity.
·         Permission is not required for the installation of solar panels at our roof top for the utilization of energy for domestic needs.

- By Sruthi

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