Friday, 8 February 2019

International customs day

International customs day is celebrated by the custom organisation every year on 26th of January. Its celebrated to commemorate the very first official conference of the customs cooperation council also known as the Worlds Customs Organisations. World customs organisations was established in the year 1952 as an autonomous body to enhance the efficacy and effectiveness of the customs administrations all across the world. International Customs day 2019 theme was Smart Borders for Seamless Trade, Travel and Transport . The Centre Board of indirect taxes and customs organised a ceremony on International Customs Day in New Delhi. 

Why International Customs day is celebrated 

It plays a big role in developing the global business instead of increasing the risks of international security .So the international customs day has been decided to celebrate every year to fulfill the requirements of the customs bodies. It regulates the better establishment and understanding of the business firms .It helps in combating with the danger of the fraudulent activities by promoting a candid , and safe custom environment worldwide. Objectives of Celebrating International Customs Day It is celebrated to enhance the effectiveness and efficacy of the member customs administrations. To innovatively assist the member customs administrations to actively contribute to the custom development. To achieve the international level goals. To enhance the revenue collection, community protection, national security and trade statistics collection. So this was about international customs day .

- By Poorvi Bellap

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